Saturday, 5 September 2015

5 Best WordPress Plugins to Increase Website Loading Speed Instantly

Site speed has become one of the major SEO factors considered by most of the search engines to boost the site rankings. So, it is really very important to choose a good host that optimizes your site speed to large extent along with fastest WordPress Themes.

Several other factors must be considered in order to boost the site speed and help the site to load in minimal time. If your site is hosted on Wordpress then there are certain plugins that will help you out to reduce the page loading speed and improve the load times. Here are some of the best plugins to make site super fast.

W3 Total Cache 

W3 Total cache is one of the favorite plugins of every Wordpress user and is widely used by many wordpress users. W3 total cache plugin offers you advanced caching options including page cache, database cache, browser cache, CDN support, object cache and minify settings . W3 Total Cache plugin has potential to sluice all the pages of your site from cache and boost the Wordpress speed.

jsDelivr Wordpress CDN Plugin 

jsDelivr script is a new plugin which is awesome to use on your wordpress website. It hooks your WP site to jsDelivr service, which is a free CDN used to host files of Javascript developers for free. Users can offload their JD plugins here and take its full advantage. This awesome plugin is compatible with WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache.

GTmetrix for Wordpress 

GTmetrix is an effective tool that helps you to analyze the performance of your Wordpress website and will create a dashboard for you displaying the Google page speed. It also displays YSlow grade, page size, load time, and total number of request made for the page. You can schedule the reports, on daily, weekly, or even on monthly basis.

WP Super Cache 

WP Super Cache is one of the long time favorites of many Wordpress bloggers. It is really very easy to set this plugin which takes less than a minute to do it. This plugin helps you out in pre caching your post so that these posts can be served quickly to the visitors.

P3 (Plugin Performance Profile) 

P3 plugin will scan all the plugins you have installed on your site and will measure the impact of each and every plugin on performance of your site. It will create easy to read charts to let you know about the troublesome plugins that are making the site slow.

Async Social Sharing 

Async Social Sharing plugin makes the third party scripts to load after the page is loaded and hence improve the site performance. Any social sharing script will be loaded after the page so that the page does not perform badly while loading.

Final Say 

So, these were the best Wordpress plugins that can be used for improving the page load times of your website and hence boost the rankings of your site. You can make use of any of these plugins to make site superfast in no time.

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